Thursday, 18 November 2010

Character Design part 16: Mordecai's(Villain) Equipments part 1

For the past week I was designing my villain Mordecai's equipments. The first image is his eye patch, this was pretty fun because I started with a generic eye patch and develop it further by adding tubes, wires, riverts and screws. The main body of the eye patch is meant to be made out of leather. The final design of my villain's eye patch can be seen at the bottom left corner.

The second image has an example of what my villain looks like with his patch on as well some designs for his helmet of his armour. I wanted to give Mordecai a scary appearance for his armour so when he is in battle he can scare his enemies as well intimidate them. I used insects as a reference for his armour to give Mordecai the extra fear I was going for.

The last image shows Mordecai's final helmet design, some how it resembles the Shredder's helmet from the turtles. I chose this design as his final design for his helmet because to me it carries the bug like feel I needed. I purposely made the left side of his face different because Mordecai's eye patch is big and takes a lot of room on his face so I thought the unevenness on his helmet works well for him.

If Justin is reading this or anyone else please please leave some feedback on Mordecai's final Eye Patch design and Helmet design.

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  1. Hi Shahbir,
    sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I think this is coming on well. If you want to make the helmet more insect like, i think maybe some spiky bits can be added (maybe some antenna like appendages on top, and or additional "eyes"?). As for the eye patch, i would look a little more closely at some steam/victorian machinery. It looks a little modern, so maybe add some victorian fittings (steam vents, grease, clockwork parts, brass/iron/wood effect etc etc). Coming on well though