Friday, 12 November 2010

Maya Tutorial part 3: Maya Cartoon Character Stage 1

For the past few weeks I was finishing the first stage of the Cartoon Character Alan gave us.
Even though it was long it did help me understand a bit more in creating a character for Maya. The truth is I already know how to create a character but I only used one cube, in these tutorials it shows other ways in getting a more defined character.
In stage one in creating a character we learnt on how to create a body and other accessories.
I begin with the character's shirt starting with the basic body of the shirt by making it out of a cube. Once that was done I than created one cylinder for the sleeve and another for the collar. All of this had to be created on one side than mirrored, because it was easier than making an entire model trying to sculpt both sides.

The next model is the legs.
I began the legs by creating two cylinders, one for the thigh and one for the shin, after I got the general shape I than combined the two and made the knee and a fold for where the legs end to give it more of a trouser appearance. After that I than worked on the pelvis of the legs which was quite tricky because it needed some pockets and needed to define the area of the pelvis a bit more as well. When I was done creating the leg I than mirrored the model. Also I added some blocks on the top of the pelvis to give it the illusion that there was a belt.


The next and some what tricky model to make was the shoe of my my character. It was tricky because I had to make the entire model with out mirroring it. I think the on bit that gave me trouble was defining the detail on the side of the character shoe and filling the bottom, but when I sculpt them in the only thing left to do was arranging the vertexes to give my shoe more shape and duplicating it.


The last bit to model on the body of the character was the arms which wasn't too difficult because most of it is made of cylinders. I believe the trickiest part was the fingers of the character, but not too much just had to make the holes in the right places and adding some more cylinders for the fingers. Than I had to merge the arms to the shirt.


Here is an image of what all the models are together.

All thats left to do is making the head of the character and add that to the body which will be done in stage two.

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