Monday, 1 February 2010

Unit 4: Story Telling 1

Today I was coming up with some ideas for my story but first I did some research, mainly on Contortionist.
What I gathered Contortionist can bend their bodys in werid shapes. I also found some pictures on contortionist. Most of them feel a little boring because they all bend that same way but some of them are very cool and creepy epspecially bending themselfs to fit inside a box.
When I was looking up the word contortionist in my dictionary, I found out the word contort means twist, I thought that was very interesting.

I also did some brain storming today about the type of story to tell. The first idea was a three part story that involve each item that where given to me. The first story involve the fairy light, second a contortionist and third a man being chased in an air port by a miss understanding. The second idea came up when I was talking with Laura. It's about a worker at the air port getting all tangled up in fairy lights while putting them up. And the last idea was a more develped version of my previous idea of the main character being chased by air port security. But the contorionist is a reletive to the main character. The fairy lights didn't much of a big part in this story they just got hung up on the tree, I did thought of having the reletive telling his cousion not to put up the fairy lights because he was going to bring very special one's.

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