Thursday, 18 February 2010


Today I watched a short film called Reach. It's about a robot, which is the size of a mouse, who want to go outside. But it can't because it is connected to it's power supply, which is a big box. However the little robot doesn't care it still wants to go outside.

This short film is very cute and emotional. The cuteness comes from the little robot with it's adorable expression, While the emotional part comes from the robots shear determination to go outside to see the world.
I saw how the three act set-up was done. The first act is for the robot to power up and observe it's surroundings. The second comes when we see the robot struggeling to go outside with the obstcules stopping it, one of them is the power supply and the other is a screw that weadge it's self under the box. And the final act is the robot finally breacking free from the wire that connects it and the box and finally able to go putside only to be stop by one final obstacule, it's own short live power supply.
This short was well thought out with us rooting for the little robot and it's freedom, it's too bad that in the end it didn't get it.

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