Monday, 22 February 2010

My storybaords: phil can look at them when he has time

Here are my storyboards for my shot story.
The first one is about the main character coming outside to see everyones houses covered with Christmas decorations. He then look at his house and felt left out so he went back in to see what decorations to cover up his house in. He found some fairy lights but they are in tangles. few moments later the character got himself tangled in the fairy lights. The character then hopped to the window to look at the houses again to motivate him to decorate his house. He then notice a big bird like shape coming close, it is a plane. The character was amaze at how close it was, he then lost his balance and fell from the window. When he woke up he see the plane up close. I haven't finish this storyboard but it ends with the character closing his eyes and hope nothing bad happens to him. When he open his eyes he see everyone's houses destroyed except his. The character then picked himself up still tangled and hopped to his door calling it a day. But when he got to his door, he discovered it is locked and that's how it ends for the story.

The idea was good for the time, but I realise that there were some holes like why the plane crashed into the houses and why his house unharmed. The idea was that the plane hits all the houses that were lit up, but misses the one that aren't. I also felt that this idea was insensitive, because it has a plane crashing into houses. Don't want to be heartless to the people who suffered this ordeal.

The next Story board is follows the same idea but this time it starts with the character on the roof. He looks at the houses to inspire him to decorate his house. he then takes out the fairy light but they are in tangles so he tries to untangle them. In the sky however we see pilots who are lost in the sky until they see a row of lights. Back to the character we see him all tied up by the fairy lights, he then see a plane parked near to his house. The door of the plane opens on top of the character. Again I have drawn out the ending but it ends with the pilots making a mistake and leave, the character then slides down the house onto the ground.

This also sound good but I felt I could of done better. I did bother making the character this time, but when I might consider his design for my final character.

The last one is another path for the second storyboard idea, it takes right after when the character tries to untangle the fairy lights. Out of frustration he tosses the fairy lights in the air, not knowing he is wrapped by them. The fairy lights are then caught by the plane's landing gear. The character is then pulled by the plane. It ends with the plane landed at the airport, we then pan to the left seeing the character all tied up in the most uncomfortable position. We then see him waving good bye to us.

I like this idea but I might make some changes. For one I could remove the scene with him looking at the houses. And maybe have an airport employee coming outside seeing the character tied up. The character could be waving at him.

Tell me what you think

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