Thursday, 4 February 2010

The questions for my essay, phil could look at it if he wants.

I wrote down some questions which I think might help me with my essay a bit more. I will be looking at how the film is structured and how it was edited

How is the main character introduce? what is the main character's goal, what location is the main character in?

how did the story developed throught time? What are the crisis that are Stopping the main character from reaching his goal.

The End
Did the main character stop the crisis? Did the main character finally found his goal? Did the story leave a possible sequal?

How was the film edited? Was it done in a fast pace, slow pace or both? How are the angle's of the shot's effect the mood of the film?

The film I might look at is 2001: A Space Odessy, because I was always curious about the film, or one of the movies we watched with Phil.

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  1. Shahbs!!!

    I thought we'd talked about this already today? The essay is about shot structure and it's relationship to the narrative - the EDITING, composition of shots - and how they support and drive the purpose of the story... do your research on editing, Shahbs and then think again about your essay...