Monday, 8 February 2010

The Other Story ideas

All of you heard my first story idea, if not just look at my past post titled: For Phil 02/02/2010. Well here are my other story ideas.

The other idea was my own version of Phil's idea for my story, which was having the main character setting up decorations on his house, while at the same time having trouble with them. When the main character finally finish setting up his decorations a plane came and landed next to his house mistaking it as a runway.
My version was that saw everyone's houses with decorations and he felt left out. while getting his decorations out he notice some of them were tangled up. While he was untangling them, the main character got himself tangled in them. While stuck he heard a noise coming from outside, them main character saw a plane through his window. He them slipped and fell outside. In the plane the captain saw the houses all light up like a runway so he decided to land there. The main character saw the plane coming and he was scared. The plane knock down all the houses except the main character, since it wasn't lighten up. The main character decided to go home and rest but he was locked out.

My other idea was that a wild animal was running around the airport and the main character, who is one of the luggage people in the airport, thought he could handle this since he let it out by accident. It ends with him tying it up with fairy lights, that got snagged on him while casing the wild animal. And by that time everyone knows what he done.

The next idea was having the main character untangling some fairy light that he found, the plane saw this and started to mock him so the main character handed the fairy lights to it, but the plane also found this difficult. It ends with the main character untangling the fairy lights, and a magical spirit came out of it and thank the main character by giving him one wish. He wished that he knows how to fly, so the spirit gave him wings, but he meant he wants to know how to fly a plane.

Those are the ideas I have so far. Tell if any of them sounds good or not.

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