Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Today I was looking at animatics, to know more on what they are and how to make one. I then stumbled on an interesting technique on animating storyboards called hyperreal. Hyperreal is the same as animatics but with the use of 3D. It is meant to show more off a realistic view on a storyboard with the use of 3D models. When I looked at the example of Hyperreal it sort of reminded me of the pre-visual technique.

Here are two links, the first one is the hyperreal/pre-visual while the second shows the actual footage. They are both from a cereal advert.

I don't know if im right that hyperreal is the same as pre-visual, but it is very interesing.

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  1. Hyperreal isn't the technique of making a 3D storyboard. Hyperreality is something that is based on something that doesn't actually exist. I just wrote a dissertation on this, and in a nutshell, a super model for example is hyperreal because she is a fake image (implants, editing, photoshopping etc) of a perfect woman that doesn't even exist to begin with, thus making her hyperreal. Jordan is a prime example of this.

    So I very much doubt that this technique its self is called hyper real. It's just 3D Previs. Of course I could be wrong, I'm sure Phil will come along and put me to shame and shed some more light on this.