Tuesday, 2 February 2010

For Phill

Okay this is the idea for my story.
It is Christmas and the main character is setting up the decorations. He check the time so he can pick up his relative from the airport. while he got there he couldn't find his relative but he found his luggage. Little did the main character know that his relative, who's a contortionist is inside one of the luggage ready to surprise him. Until a big commotion happened in the air port. A man bumped into the main character and he got one of his luggage mixed up with the relative. The man had no time to check them so he ran with the luggage with the relative inside it. When air port security ran pass the main character one of the dogs smelled one of the luggage the man left behind. Soon the air port security chased after the main character. At the man's hide out he opened the luggage and the relative popped out saying surprise. The man and his cohorts looked in confusion. few minutes later the relative got accepted as one of the man's team while the main character is in the air port security holding cell getting checked for drugs. at the end the relative made a call to the air port saying that he is coming over there while the main character is very mad because of the whole ordeal.


  1. Hi Shahbs - I really like the idea about the contortionist being inside the luggage - that's a nice and 'logical' combination of the character and the airport setting; that said, your 'plot' is complex and suddenly involves a big cast; most animated shorts keep their cast list to a minimum as there isn't the time to establish multiple characters in a satisfying way... also it's sensible to restrict the action to one setting (you've only got a minute remember).


    Okay - just thinking out loud here - the action takes place in the control tower of an airport; it's christmas eve and the air-traffic control guy is putting up some Christmas lights in his little booth to cheer the place up; as he's putting up the lights, he gets in a terrible tangle and has to contort himself to put up the lights (he gets tied in knots too); meanwhile, while he's doing this, the action keeps cutting to the planes outside which are flying about all over the place, because the air-traffic controller has been treading on his computer keyboard, or knocking his coffee over, and sending all the planes into 'crazy shapes' - something only the audience can see...

    There is a relationship between the christmas lights and contortion that you need to push more; I don't know about you, but fairy-lights have a reputation amongst most people regarding their tendency to become entangled, hence requiring that people get into awkward shapes - or have to risk breaking their neck to get them out of the loft...

    another idea;

    there is maybe a comedy relationship between Christmas decorations and airports; for instance see


    and also


    Maybe your character is creating an incredible outdoor display of Christmas lights - and Act 1/ Act 2 describe his increasingly frustrated attempts to decorate his house and garden (getting himself tied in knots) - Act 3 has him finally managing it and relaxing - only for the last shot of the animation being a 747 coming into land on his lawn...

    You see, you just need to push each component a little harder and a little further; so yeah, explore the comedic potential of fairy-lights turning people into contortionists and the relationship between lights and airport runways?

    No doubt there are a load more combinations - so just keep coming up with them - and IMPORTANTLY, start exploring their potential through drawings, 'gag sheets' and character designs.... and loads of visual research!

  2. I actually had the tangled idea as well, but I just wanted to check other possibleities.

    I like the idea of the main character finally setting up the decorations and a plane mistook his lawn as a landing feild, but is it okay to use a plane and forget about the air port?

  3. maybe the house is on the edge of an airport - something that is revealed in the final shot?