Monday, 11 January 2010

Need Your Help ALAN

I was trying to make three mirrors reflecting one another with an object in the middle, but all I get is three squares.

This picture is the example of the type of effect I was going for

Can you help me tomorrow to make this effect possible for my final picture please.


  1. have you put mirrors bhind aswell, so that they make a triangle shape, rather than an arrow? just a suggestion.

  2. Hello. I know im not Alan, but I know what the problem is.

    by default reflections are only set to reflect once. If you go into the ray tracing options in the shader you have asigned to the mirrors, increase the reflection limit (not refraction... don't get the two mixed up). by defult, this is set to 1. By increasing this value, the mirrors will reflect mirrors, reflectging mirrors, reflecting mirrors... well you get the picture.
    Note that the more you increase this value, the longer it takes to render.

    hope this helps

  3. @AFlockOfPixels okay I will try it.

  4. okay I tried it today and still it didn't work. and I didn't mix the two up.

  5. I'm probably replying to this too late, but as i just saw it heres my input: to get things to reflect, you need to create a light in your scene.