Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Environment art 12: MORE RESEARCH

Few blog post's ago I mentioned I would buy myself some mirrors and a mat so I could experiment with reflection, and I did. I bought myself three mirrors and one mat. I placed the mirrors around the mat in a triangle. The purpose of the mat is so I can see the changes of the floor area once it is reflected off my mirrors.

What I noticed from my second picture is that the inside contents give off a 3D effect, I don't know if it is the reflection of the mirrors or the way my mirrors are placed.

The first three images are taken from different angles and each of them are interesting. The first image shows an interesting proximity, instead of looking at the reflections as seven triangles, we see it as one big hexagon. The two triangles at the top are grouped as one shape.
The second image shows a very long hallway, made out of mirrors.
And finally the last image shows a big room with bumps on the ground.

For the last two pictures I used an object to see what other effects I would get out of their reflections.
The last image gives me the impression that the reflections are keeping record of the objects movement, like it is jumping from one spot to another. And also the reflections are following a pattern. Each pillar has a group, and you could some what imaging those groups moving in circles.

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