Friday, 8 January 2010

Environment art 13: Digital Painting

For the past few days I was teaching myself about digital painting so I could do some concept arts for my mirror theme, and judging from the pictures I still have a long way to go. If anyone knows any good tutorials on digitasl painting or could give some tips I please do tell, because I need alot of help with digital painting.

The first picture is of my mouse, while the rest are my mirrors.

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  1. Is good to see you teaching yourself, my tip is try to use not so saturated colours, as they look not real... though they are perfect for highlights ...

    also try to remenber everything that you learned in Phil's classes because they were really helpful.

    one more thing is I got some Gnomon Workshop tutorials that Alex gave to me if you want bring a pen or a portable hard drive and I will give you them...

    btw, in my opinion the 3rd picture is the best as you started to use some shading provoking the object to look more 3D...

    good luck with it!!! keep it up