Thursday, 21 January 2010

my final picture, phil you can look at it too.

I have finished my mirror scene, but I need your guys help in which picture I should use in my crit for tomorrow. I was going for a Victorian theme.

First one

The first picture has a sense that the room is big yet closed in at the same time. But there is a light, which could point someone at the right direction.

Second one

The second picture pulls off the illusion of the endless tunnel idea and the angel I have placed the camera gave it a more daunting appearance.

So here are my two pictures. I like them both, maybe the first one a bit more because theres more things in it. The only problem I have left is, which one I should chose and what should I say at my crit for tomorrow.


  1. Shahbir! What am I going to do with you? :-) Look, I agree that the first image is the strongest... regarding what you're going to say tomorrow - sheesh, mister - come on - you've been thinking about this project for 7 weeks: I simply don't believe you've got nothing to say about it - but here are some pointers...

    1) What you wanted to improve about your working method in response to the weaknesses of your last project...

    2) Why mirrors? (Uncanny etc.)

    3) Why did you pick the style/aesthetic/art direction?

    4) What was your intention with the scene.

    5) Successes/failures.

    Now - and this is important - I want you to take some time to prepare your presentation; think clearly about what you want to say. DO NOT WAFFLE or just make stuff up; say something true, say something meaningful and be confident! TRY AND ENJOY IT! good luck!

  2. Hi
    Hope this helps and not just interferes, but I like them both, the first feels very clostrophobic and the other makes me feel very small (personal opinion). If I were in your crit tomorrow, id show both but say why your chosen one is more effective than the other at portraying the uncanny. Good Luck

  3. Shahbir,

    No tutorials completed for this project? Why? You need to complete these quickly;

    1) Texturing: Pirates Cove
    2) Fur: Example swatches & Santa Hat
    3) X-Ray, Blood Vessel, Book, and Water shaders.

    These tutorials are part of your submission and are stated on your brief.