Friday, 15 January 2010


Hi Phil I could really use some advice on my work or at least at push at the right direction for my Environment picture. As you know my theme is mirrors, and I am using the hall of mirrors idea to help give off the sense of loneliness and seclusion. But I talk to photoshop Phil about this he said I should give it some more character like the setting of the area, the time setting, some designs on the frames and the use of light. I also asked Goodwin for some advice and he told me to give it a things that will asked the audience some questions.
Well this is what I got from both
For the setting the mirrors will actually take place in a maze, still deciding on the time, maybe Victorian. I got some reference images to help with this idea for a mirror maze.

My painted pictures

And on the mirrors I will add some scratches on them to show the type of people who went in, if it is a one big line than it's someone who is making a path to get out of the maze, arrows to show someone is ruining everyone's fun, graffiti scratches for vandals, big scratches for someone who doesn't like their appearance and/or one big broken mirror.
Here are some examples of scratches.

Are the ideas that I came up when Photoshop Phil and Goodwin gave me their advice are good or am I missing something?

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  1. Evening Shahbir,

    I think you've got a really nice idea with your hall of mirrors idea - and I think keeping it simple is the key - look at your resource images 1 and 5 - very atmospheric, with an emphasis on lighting and shadow - I like your digital painting - maybe drop the camera view closer to the floor for added menace - but, in truth, I want you to produce something elegant, simple and sophisticated. I don't think you need much else, as the mirrors are your uncanny object - let your concept breathe! Go for it, Shahbs - just get started :-)