Wednesday, 20 January 2010

for phil

for my item on my essay I thought I could look at wax models. but I remembered a scientist named Gunther von Hagens who uses real dead human bodys for his exhibition, by skinning them and dipping the dead bodys, in a pose, in wax. I was thinking, could this count as uncanny because the way the dead bodies are posed, they feel they could come to life?

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  1. Oh dear, Shahbs - it would appear you're leaving your essay to the last moment... I suggest you look at the use of Waxworks in popular culture - and examine WHY they're used for creepy effect - with examples; Gunther Von Hagan's stuff is a continuation of the tradition so could be used successfully as another example... but - you must demonstrate your understanding of the Uncanny first before you go on to discuss examples of uncanny things...