Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Transcription part 11: Character and Object Designs

I have done some more fleshing of my character just have to plan out his colours and the texture for his clothes but more or less he is almost complete.

I have also design some guide maps for modelling the objects for my animation, the objects are the lamp post, chair, table, beer bottle and door. I have shown this to Alan but he said they need to look more Victorian since this is the time-line my animation revolves around.
The reason why the lamp post does not have any lamps on the two arms is because I was planning to edit them through photoshop by duplicating the centre one and placing them on the arms.


  1. ... but where are his colours etc? And this lampost isn't the one I saw today?

  2. Thats the old design of the lamp post, and I am still colouring Albert.