Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Transcription part 14: New Chair Map and Finished Character Model

*NOTE TO SELF: need to post the construction designs of the new chair*

Last week I had a meeting with Phil and I shown him my modelling maps, he liked all of them except my chair. He said it looked too generic and it doesn't show Victorian, so I did some more research on Victorian pub chairs and I actually got a very good idea for my new chair design.

New Chair Map

I still carried some of the chair's previous design like the curved legs and the back, but the overall appearance has changed drastically.

Once I have finally finished making all the modelling maps I then started modelling my character.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3 Front

Stage 3 Front Wired

Stage 3 Back

Stage 3 Back Wired

Stage 3 Head Wired

Modelling my character didn't take too long but it was very tricky especially the making the hands. You would think making mitten hands would be easy but it wasn't, at least to me. The reason why is because I wanted to give it more than one movement like having his pinky risen when holding the bottle or opening the door. Overall I am pleased of how it turned out, next step is to set up the UV map and rig it

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