Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Transcription part 16: Albert's Final Build and Company Logo

Last night I was finishing on making the final design on Albert. The only changes that are done to him is that his sleeves are loose some what and he has a texture in the inside of his body that resembles a untucked shirt and a unbutton waist coat and blazer. I first finished making his body construction to see the different shapes used in making his overall appearance. Then I made the expression sheet to highlight the main faces he is going to pull.
I have also made his turnarounds to see him from all sides and his updated modelling map to represent his 3D version.

Today I was designing the logo of my company named Shubtastic Studios.
The first design is that the 'S' will look like it's one but in reality there are two 'S's overlapping each other. The studio 'T' is also the underline for the Shubtastic part of the logo.
The second design is that the bottom 'S' is hanging over the top 'S'while the rest is the same. Although it doesn't look it there are meant to be two different fonts, the 'Shubtastic' word is meant to be more curvy and bubbly so it looks playful but the 'Studio' word is meant to have a more serious font to show I am also serious about my work.
Please send feedback if this is a good idea.

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