Saturday, 5 March 2011

Transcription part 12: Final Set Designs

Last week I had a meeting with Alan about my sets designs for my animation, he told me they do not resemble anything Victorian and I should research on some Victorian objects, which I did. I have redesign all the objects except the bottle because when I was researching Victorian bottles they all look the same with slight differences for example the neck has a smooth merge down the body, but I didn't want that I wanted the type of design where the body and the neck are different from each other.

When I was redesigning the Lamp Post I still wanted the three arms look but I thought instead of having the bulbs in a cage I could put them in a dome on each arm so it gives the Lamp a some-what person appearance. Which I believe works well with my animation since it is going to dance.

Lamp Post Design Set 1

Lamp Post Design Set 2

Lamp Post Front

Lamp Post Side

For the table I wanted to give it a unique appearance for the legs, and while looking for some images of Victorian tables I found some with four legs connected to a small pillar underneath the table. I really like it and I thought I could apply it to my table.

Table Designs


For the Chair I had to do a lot of research on it finding what would be the appropriate for my animation. I ended up with a merger between a stool and a chair. I don't know if the Victorian era had that but to me it works because it will make my character look short when sitting on it which is what I am going for.

Chair Designs


For the pub door I thought making it big the door big with a glass window on the front would give the door a bit of class. While the house door is meant to look normal with some detail.

Pub Door Designs

Pub Door

House Door

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  1. your chair doesn't feel right, shahbs - it's not pubby enough - and it's not Victorian enough - consider instead:

    just google 'victorian chairs' - and look for anything with 'pub language' - dark wood, red upholstery etc.