Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Transcription part 10: Designing my Final character and Street Lamp

Here some more character development on my character Albert, I was trying to find a way to add his neck and keep his round shape. I don't know why this gave me some trouble but I think I am getting there.

I have also started working on the design for my street lamp. I was thinking of giving the lamps a simple generic appearance, but I felt they look too unimaginative so I looked at some different designs of of a lamp post with three arms.

The rough design of my street lamp

I am still designing the street lamp for my animation.


  1. hey Shahbs - this development stage is very important, so it's good to see you returning to your design. I want to see him all coloured up with a nice, clean outline and giving a strong first impression.

  2. I like the 3 armed gives it a sort of 'human' feel that will work great when Albert is getting tangled up with it! I'm really looking forward to seeing this animation! :)

  3. Hi,

    I know you're horribly busy, but I'm just prompting you to complete the Student Survey 2011 - see link below! Many thanks!

  4. saw this, wondered if it was useful?

  5. Hey Shahbs,

    I'm not in tomorrow, as it's first year crit time, and my days move to the end of the week - please update all your week's progress - and I'll be in touch.