Saturday, 2 October 2010

Postmodernism Lecture part 1: Kill Bill

On Wednesday the 22 we had a lecture about Postmodernism and why it is difficult to understand it. It's difficult because Postmodernism can be anything and it has a wide variety. Everyone has a different view on this subject but my general idea on it is that Postmodernism is a type of term used to describe anything that's a spin on modernity, things that were popular in culture for example Scary Movie is a parody of Scream which itself is a Postmodernism because the characters are mocking the horrors films and yet they are in one.

Postmodernism is not limited to just parodies, it can be used to describe media that does a tribute or has inspiration of other media, which brings us to the film I'm reviewing 'Kill Bill'.

The story is about the main character Black Mamba, portrayed by Uma Thurman, on her journey for revenge against the 'Deadly Viper Assassination Squard' for attacking her and almost killing her on her wedding day.
This movie is considered postmodernism because it carries some influence from old martial arts films with the style of how the action is portrayed, her quest for revenge and the level of violence used. There's even an anime cutscene when told of one of the Assassins back stories. All of this help gave this film it's own style and also as a type of tribute for the old action/revenges driven films.

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