Saturday, 2 October 2010

Bad Kids Go To Hell Review

Two weeks ago my class was assigned to read and review comic book. I had trouble finding time to read it, but once I did I could see why my tutors asked us to read it. The comic we were asked to read was 'Bad Kids Go To Hell', it was made by Matthew Spradlin and Barry 'Bazz' Wernick.

Before I actually read the comic I did asked some of my class mates who did and one of them said it felt like a movie in book form and I also heard that it had a 'Breakfast Club' feel to it. How ever when I was reading it I could see some other film influences in it, I won't say what films they are to avoid some spoilers.
The story is about a group of trouble makers joining up in detention in the library for causing trouble in school. The characters are Megan the brains, Tarek another smart kid, Craig the jock, Tricia the cheerleader, Veronica the goth and Matt the underdog/loser. All six of these kids did something bad and they are all answered in the book. While they are serving their detention an angry spirit of an native Indian is wreaking havoc in the library and the kids need to get out before they are all dead.

Now when I head the title 'Bad Kids Go To Hell' I assumed they actually went to hell and had to fight for their lives or something. Which is pretty much true since they are going through their own hell mostly fear, paranoia and guilt. It also talks about how tough going to a private school can be with the stress of making your parents proud, baring with the school kids picking on you and the fear of graduation leaving school to move on to somewhere unfamiliar.
The book is not only about school kids having trouble with school but it is also mystery story finding out who or what is causing trouble in the library and why, which all will become obvious in the end.
So if any of you haven't read this book yet please do because it is really good, there are some nick picks here and there like the colours don't match and one of the characters hair style changes from elegant short haircut to something that some what resembles girly wolverine haircut and back, but it's nothing major the story is good the some of the characters are likable and the artwork is nice. So go and give it a read.

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