Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Postmodernism Lecture 2: Mulholland Drive

The next movie I have watched, that gave another example of Postmodernism is Mulholland Drive(2001)

Mulholland Drive is about finding out the identity of a woman named Rita, who survived a car accident. The movie also has other miniature side stories like a man who dreamt of meeting a scary figure and it came true. A struggling director who finally gave in to the demands of his producers. And an assassin who struggled at covering up his tracks. But the main story is about Rita finding out who she is and who tried to kill her with the help of her friend Betty, which is some what answered in the end.
What makes this film Postmodernism is the different types of genre that were used in the film. Having a mix of detective stories, comedy, romance and thriller. The film gave me a confused yet amazement feel because it answered some of the questions like who tried to kill Rita but also left some questions unanswered as well, like what was the point of introducing the side characters, what purpose did they have. In the film it also knows that the characters are just characters with different roles and it can treat them however it wants, that the movie is its own character.
Like I mentioned before the ending did some what answered my questions but left some holes as well. The person who wanted to kill Rita was Betty because she was a jealous ex who wanted to make Rita pay. But when she did ordered a hit on Rita, Betty slowly went insane with her guilt and took her own life. At least that what I think, and the way the scene was done was in an explosive feeling, that the third act felt rushed yet not at the same time. Because to me the film is saying we'll give the audience the answer without a lot of padding, things that would drag out the movie even longer. Aleast thats how I see it.

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