Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Narrative Lecture part 2: Ed Wood

The next film we watched for our Narrative Lecture was Ed Wood(1994).

The movie is a biography on the worst director named Ed Wood, who take risks in making his films that he believes are great. The film shows how far Ed Wood is willing to go to produce his master piece and it depicts Ed Wood as a pretty nice guy making friends where ever he goes and bringing them to his films.
It also shows us Ed Woods fixation on Orson Welles and wanting to be just like him, a great director.
The movie also have Ed Wood questioning himself if he is doing the right thing, if he is even meant to be a director.
I believe this movie is meant to tell us what will happen if you have the drive for making a film but going about it the wrong way by taking one shots of scenes with no back ups, not enough money and doing things illegally like taking shots on locations that you don't have permissions for and stealing props.
But regardless of all the dangers, once it is done it will all be worth it in the end.

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