Saturday, 9 October 2010

Maya Tutorial part 2: Car Model part 1 and 2

The next tutorial for Maya is to model a car, and it is very hard.
First I have to set up the scene for modeling the car by getting the images and put them in photoshop. Then I have to edit the images, mostly front, side and rear, so they can roughly be at the same scale. Then I have to set up the cameras in Maya so it can project the images that will be used as reference in making the car model.
I then began modeling the general shape of the car. It was quite tricky because the scale of the front and back images didn't match the scale of the side image but once I got the general size the basic shape came out alright.

The next step was to separate the car into sections, front, side and rear, then I put them in to layers with only the front car layer active. Then I started shaping the front of the car so it would look more car like. There are still some more work to be done

There are still some more work to be done on the front of the car like putting in some details on the tire cover and on the front and bonnet as well as sculpting the doors and the rear of the car.

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