Sunday, 2 May 2010

Unit 6: scenery design and character design

Yesterday I started thinking up my story and also designing the scenery.
I first started designing the scenery which is a log in the middle of a forest. I was mainly practicing on drawing a log with the slime molds on top of it as well as practicing the texturing of the log and the slime molds when it turned into a fruiting bodies. I was please of how it turned out especially on image two of my log design with it's shape and the texturing.

Image 1

Image 2

On image three I was still designing my spores of how they would in my animation. I looked at different types of spores to help getting an idea on shaping my slime mold spore character. I still need to research slime molds to see which species has a nucleus.

Image 3

The last two images are my three act story and the title of my story is called 'The Fruiting Body.
Act one
My story begins with a log sitting in the middle of the forest with a slime mold on top of it. In the slime mold are a colony of slime molds.

Act two
They are all discussing the shortage of food and what to do about it. One of the slime molds suggest to make a fruiting body out of themselves so the spores can ride the wind to a different location and the slime molds can live on. All of them agree to it and begin to construct the fruiting body. At half way the slime molds are starting to die but still holding their position of in the fruiting body. Near the top all but one slime molds are dead, the last one used all of it's strength to hold the spore capsule of the fruiting body steady.

Act three
When the wind finally came the spores are then riding it. The last slime mold saw the spores flying out of the spore capsule and was happy, it then died peacefully knowing the spores will be safe.

Image 4

Image 5

I was going for a sad story with a happy ending. And it is targeted at children but there are some children films that have some sad moments with happy endings.

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