Sunday, 9 May 2010

Unit 6: concept arts

I finished all of my concept arts. I based three of them on then scenes from my storyboard and one on the character design of my slime mold and the spores.
The first concept art is from the first scene of my animation which is a log in the middle of a forest. This is meant to show the location of where my animation is taking place. I wanted to make the area look interesting but get the audiences interest on the log.

The second concept art is a side view of a group of fruiting bodies. It also show my final design for my fruiting body. This concept art carries a mix of leaning and straight fruiting bodies to put a bit of realism into them. I also made the background greenish to give it a nature feel.

The next concept arts are my final design of my slime mold and my spore. While researching the slime molds I have learned they each have a nucleus, and I thought I could use it as an eye for the slime molds. As for the spores I was giving it a furry appearance by making it curvy and adding some lines to indicate the hairs on it. The background once again is green so I could see if the colour I have chosen for my slime molds and spores won't clash with each other.

My final concept art takes place when the slime molds sees the spore capsule. I was making the spore capsule furry by making it curvy and adding some lines to indicate fur. I have also added an audience by adding yellow and drawing lines which is a darker yellow to detail them out.

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