Saturday, 1 May 2010

Unit 6: note and character design

Here are the notes that were taking from the lecture. Just have the stuff Mr Klappa talked about.

Here on this note I was deciding on which life cycle I should do, and I chose to talk about slime molds, although at the time I have mistaken them for ferns. I was also working on the story for may animation. It takes place around the asexual reproduction. And the Story I have gotten from this is that there is a shortage of food for the slime molds so its time for them to go to as new location. But all the slime molds are dying at a fast rate. So all the slime molds decided to use the dead bodies to build a tower and get the younger slime molds (the spores) on top of it so they can ride the wind to a new location. I might need to work on the story a bit more, because I was aiming the animation to a younger audience although some children animation have some sad moments but end in a happy ending, example lion king.

Here are my character designs, at first I wanted to make the slime molds look human, but I thought that was silly. So I redesign the character to look more like a amoeba and it works. Its cute and probably cuddly, but it has some personality, the only thing I need to figure out is that do slime molds have a nucleus.
I design one slime mold to look like a construction worker holding a blueprint to show the slime molds what to do, and I gave the slime spores wings/gliders so they can ride the wind. I also made an elder slime mold who is most likely going to be the leader. I know some of these stuff sound silly, but that what I see when researching their asexual life cycle, although the elder slime mold is a bit too much.

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