Monday, 10 May 2010

Unit 6: Pitch Day

Today was Group A's turn to provide a pitch for Mr Klappa. I actually took this as an opportunity to gather some more information on the slime molds like, do the slime molds have a nucleus, and is the spore actually a shell for the younger slime mold living inside.
Every one shown great works today but I do have personal favs, like Sam's fern adventure, Jolanta's slime molds in a cave and Jordan's mushroom music video and Adam,s alien slime molds.
But that doesn't everyones was bad I actually like how everyone Group A presented their work and I can't wait to see then in their 3D glory.
I also shown my work too and I was pleased with the feedback I have gotten from Phil and Mr Klappa. Now all I have to do is to work at making my animation a reality.

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