Friday, 21 May 2010

Bad News: my external hard drive

Yesterday when I was making the textures for my log my computer turned off. soon when it was able to turn on I inserted my external hard drive into my computer. when I accessed it to see if my files are okay, but it was not responding. suddenly my external hard drive is not working and I am very worried because all of my files are in there and I did not save them anywhere else.
If anyone knows a lot about computers please can you help me to try and reactivate my external hard drive or tell me where is the nearest computer repair shop.

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  1. Hi Shabs..... aaargh,

    the only repair shops I know are PC World and Computer Terminal Services which is opposite the retail park PC world is on However I did a quick search for you,

    it might be worth phoning round, depending on where you are located. Have you tried it on any other PC's and are all the cables ok?