Saturday, 15 May 2010

Unit 6: my characters for the slime mold animation

I have finish making my two characters in maya.
The first image is my slime mold character. I first began with a circle and reshaping it to have a curvy pyramid like shape, this is the body. I then made a second circle and made it an oval, this is the nucleus. I thought of using the nucleus to act as the eye for the slime mold. I then duplicate the body and scale it a bit bigger than the previous body and transparent it, this is the outer layer of the slime mold. The colours I have chosen for the slime mold are yellow for the body and the outer layer and pinkish purple for the nucleus. Although my slime mold character is more or less finish I still have to rig it and do some blend shapes as well.

The next image is my spore character. I made three spheres, an open one, a normal one and an oval shape one, and I added fur to them. The opened sphere is a nurb shphere and it is meant to represent a spore opening up so the slime molds can get out. This was just a test out one of the nurbs shpere functions. The oval sphere is more closely resembles the shape of my final concept art of my spore, but I might need to change the colour to the other two sphere.

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  1. Hey Shahbs - great to see you beginning to model your characters - keep it cute! :-)