Tuesday, 28 February 2012

@ Phil: Final Project part 9: Bird and Worm Character Designs 2 and new Animatic

Here are my latests designs for my Bird and Worm characters. I have tried to apply what Alan told me to make my characters look more interesting by giving them more shape to their appearance. I have also add a few poses to them to give the characters some life, I might make more poses soon. I have also made some colour schemes for my bird. I only used the primary colours, blue, red and yellow because in my opinion they are very attractive to look at. Out of all the colours schemes, the ones I like is between the very top left colour schemes for having one complete colour for their bodies, and the very bottom right colour schemes for a of bit variety on the shade of colour.

Bird Design

Bird Colour Schemes

The Worm was actually hard to design because I actually did not have much to work with since he is simple. I think the only big change to his design is that I made his body have a flow smooth motion as well made it longer.

Worm Designs

Also today I have redone the animatic of my next project. I am going for the first ending where the worm becomes the second bird's problem, I also did a few changes on the animatic to make it more interesting. I even edited the music to make it sound less jumpy.

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  1. Hey Shahbs - for me, it's the completely blue bird with the yellow beak and feet. I think you need to still work on the timing of the 'interruption' when the second bird takes the worm - it's not completely satisfying; and I think it's partly due to the time it takes for the audience to see the other bird. I suggest you try and condense this sequence - take out some of the silence - and up the pace of it.