Friday, 17 February 2012

Final Project part 6: Bird Worm Blues/ Bird Food Blues

During this week I was finishing up some animatics for my project. Before I talk about my choice, I will first show my dropped animatic idea.
If you have been following my posts I was planning to make an animation about two bees preforming to the song ''Baby Bee'' by Kenny Neal. One bee is singing while the other other playing the harmonica. I had a meeting with Phil about this and he felt that the there was nothing that was going on, besides the bees singing. However when I shown him my second story board to my second animatic he liked it and wanted me to work on it, which I did.

Bumble Bee Blues Storyboards

Bubmle Bee Blues

My second animatic is about a bird who is having trouble trying to eat a worm. At the same time the worm is singing the blues. The song is still same just the idea is different. I made the pictures for this animatic in photoshop, which was a different experience than doing the storyboards in paper. I done them in photoshop because I thought it would be quicker, and it was because i did not have to scan the images and resize them. This animatic has two ending, which I will show Phil next week. The first ending has a second bird eating the worm, which then becomes the second birds problem to handle the worm. The second idea ends with the worm being eaten by a mole, leaving the bird depressed.
I actually shown my animatic to Alan and he like the first ending where there is a second bird that eats the worm. However he felt I should do a few fixes on my animatic like explain more clearly on how the worm escapes and maybe play with the ending a bit. Like I could have both birds fight over the worm while the worm is still singing the blues. I am also thinking about the name of the title, I might be going for Bird Food Blues, but it might change in the future

Bird Food Blues

Please leave feedback on the what improvements my animatic might need.

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