Sunday, 11 March 2012

Final Project part 10: Bird, Worm, and Background Designs 3, New Animatic and Worm 3D Model

Through out the week I was finishing up on my characters designs, background design, a new animatic and my first 3D model.
For my character design I first picked out the colours for my two birds. I chose the colour schemes 12 and 13 because I like the variety of the colour tone for both birds, I actually did gave the individual feathers on the wing different variety of shade to make them more interesting. Another reason why I pick one blue colour and one red colour because from watching a lot of shows those two colours always seem to rival each other.

Bird Chosen Colours

Once that was settled I then made the turnaround for the bird character to look at him from different angles.

Bird Turnaround

Next I was finishing up on my worm's design, I did some research on different lip styles for my worm. I was looking at the way blues singers pose their lips and Mick Jagger lips. I also used Audrey 2 and the piranha plant from the Mario games as reference for my worm because my character looks like them a bit.

Worm Lips Influence Map

I then made a colour palette for my worm, they are a mix of natural worm colours and a mixture between the two birds colour scheme. Out of all the colours I chose the first one, because that one has a nice natural feel to the worm. However if I had to pick a runner up it have to be number 3 and number 5 because I like how they feel as well.

Worm Colour Palette

When I have finished up my worm's design I then started working on his turnaround to get an idea of what he looks like from different angles.

Worm Turnaround

When I finished all of my characters designs I then started working on the scenery for my animation. The type of scene I was going for is that the entire conflict between the worm and the bird takes place in the woods or a field full of trees. I had some references on fields of trees as well as my first storyboard images to show how my scene would be layered out

Trees Influence Map

First Storyboard Concept

I have made a rough thumbnail of the scenery to be my starting point to design.

Scenery Concept

I thought for the type of style for my scenery it could resemble that of Charley Harper's style, for the simplicity of the design of the objects in his arts and how he uses the colours to make his pictures interesting to look at.

Charley Harper Influence for Style

This is what I have developed when bringing everything together, giving the scenery a simple look but you can get the idea of what is going on in the scene.

Scenery Concept Art

Once I have done all the post production it was time to make the characters and the object for my animation, I first started with the worm character's model. I started with him first because he was the easiest to make. I done most of the modelling but I am going to see Phil about this to see if he needs some more work.

Worm 3D Model

Complete Mesh

Complete Mesh Wired

So far the only change I have done to the worm was the shape of his body, I was first was going to give him a pointy body. However when I had a meeting with Alan he said that the Worm looks better with a thicker body, I did the edit and it does look slightly better but this is one of the time when I need to see the tutor for help on this one.

Old Body Mesh

New Body Mesh

New Body Mesh Wire

Head Mesh

Head Mesh Wire

Half Head Mesh

Half Head Mesh Wire

Finally to finish up I have done another version of my animatic, hopefully this is the winner because I really need to start focusing on making this animation.

Bird Food Blues Animatic 3

For the future I think I will use Audrey 2 from the 'Little Shop of Horrors' as my main influence for my worms lipsync because like I said my character looks a bit like him. I have found a video that has a good amount of lip animation on Audrey 2 from the film.

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