Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Final Project part 7: Bird and Worm Character Designs

For the past few days I was working on some influence maps to help me design my characters for my animation. I was researching Charley Haper's artworks on birds, while also looking at some real birds and animated birds to give me ideas on how I should make my bird. I was also looking at some real worms and animated worms to inspire my worm's design.

Charley Haper

Birds: Real and Animated

Worms: Real and Animated

Out the two characters the bird is giving me some trouble to design. I think I was going a simple look while giving the bird some detail. However I kept on making the same bird repeatedly much to my annoyance.

I asked some advice from Alan and he gave me some tips on how to go for a simpler route by referencing the pigeons from a television series named 'Pigeon Street'. He told me to look at how the pigeons are done by using less shapes, and focuses on it's simplicity.

Pigeon Street's Pigeon

I did try to give my bird a simplistic appearance but I still want to give some detail, so I was also looking at Charley Haper's artwork more carefully, to see how he makes his birds look bird like and how I would implement it to my bird.

While I am still working on the bird’s design, I believe I am almost finished on making my worm’s design. I just need to make the final design, create some silhouettes and his modelling map.

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