Friday, 18 November 2011

Self Initiated Project part 8: Pre-Production Deverlopment Stage 04: Animatic and Character Maps

Here is the latest update on my project.
Today I had a meeting with Alan and I shown him what I have done lately.
I first tried to show him my animatic but there seems to be some video problem so I show him my modelling maps first.
I even asked him a question about rigging only one character and just add different costumes for him, wondering if that would affect the rigg. He said no and gave me some more helpful tips on how to make sure there would not be any problems when moving my character while he is wearing the costumes. He looked at the maps and he like them he did advise me to make some changes here and there, which I did just now.
here are the map beginning with the character template, then in order of how the costumes will appear in the animation.

Once I was finished showing Alan the character models, we then went to his office so I can show him my animatic.

He says that it was really good but maybe work on the adventure segment a bit more, because he felt the repetitiveness of having the character getting hurt is not too interesting in this shot. However it works well in the fighter scene. We then juggled some ideas, we thought it would be funny if the character struggles to get out of the dragon boxes's head and leave in a huff. It may not sound interesting in type but I think it will work when I work on this animatic.
Please leave some feedback if you feel if the modelling maps need work or a scene in the animatic needs to have more of a bang.

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