Thursday, 10 November 2011

Self Initiated Project part 7: Pre-Production Deverlopment Stage 02

I have thought up some more ideas for my animations but I am still refining them so I decided to start modelling my character while at the same time working on the story for the animation.
Before I show the animatic that has the final ideas that refining, I am going to show an old animatic that has my character dressed up as a wizard. The two animatics after it are the ones I am sticking with and going to refine for my animation.

This is the animatic that has roughly the idea I want to show my animation which still needs refining.

Here are some images of my final character design and his work in progress model. He is just a template for when I actually add the accessories when he acts out each segments.

The last few images shows the modelling map for my character and the body parts I have made so far for my character both in wire frame and non wire frame.

Please leave me some feedback if there is any improvements that I need to make on my character model like if the geomitry is wrong or this needs fixing.

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