Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Self Initiated Project part 1:Decided on an Idea, now Refining it.

After a long time on deciding on my idea for my first project of the 3rd year I believe I got something. Before I reveal my main idea, I will first show off so two ideas that I like but felt they would take a bit too long to make.

The first idea was an interview with furniture and other objects in the house, they all talked about a break in they had late at night. The first object to be interviewed was a table saying that the criminal broke into the house and ate all the snacks that was on it, the table even mentioned that the intruder came down the chimney which was traumatised by the experience. The table also said that the intruder left some unknown boxes under the tree, which we then talked to the Christmas angle. The Christmas angle talks about his feeling about the situation and how worried he is about the mysterious packages under his tree.
The whole idea of this story is meant to represent the type of interviews with people who are victims of a crime but with furniture. The big reveal of the person preforming the crime was meant to be a surprise to the audiance. I also thought of playing with the type of character the angle is, I was thinking instead of making him sound friendly he should sound tough.

The seconded dropped idea was about a small child entering a dark forest. Moments passed and the child ends up lost inside the forest. The child tried to fine his way out but could not fine any exit. He then started to get scared until he heard a voice asking him if he is lost. The child responded, he then saw an old hand coming from behind him pointing his way out. The child then turned around and saw a scary living tree. The child then ran right out of the forest in fear, however the tree looked in confusing because it only wanted to help the child. However the tree shrugged it off and went back to it's neutral position.
This idea is meant to be a parody of characters who ends up lost in the woods and come across some living trees trying to scare or hurt them. Instead of that I wanted my tree to helping the lost child to find his way home be there was a misunderstanding between him and the child.

The idea I chose for my project is the gaming idea with each short skits segment representing a game genre. I thought this idea will be ok because I like playing games so why not make an animation with my character re-enacting some gaming genres that I am familiar with. However the main character (which I will name the test subject) will re-enact the genres with the objects in his house/room, but with each segment he loses. For example for fighting genre his opponent could be a broom and it ends with the test subject losing to it. For turn based RPG we see the test subject facing a bookshelf and they both take turns hurting each other, but it ends with the bookshelf winning by throwing a book at the test subject.

To help get a better idea of making each of my short skits to have an enjoyable or cleaver ending I did some research into two books that carry the idea I was going for for my animation. The first book is call 'Dawn of the Bunny Suicides', This book is part of a series where a cute little bunny always tries to kill itself in funny or cleaver ways. I chose to look at this book for the many ways the bunny kill itself and the whole story centres around one theme which is the bunny is suicidal. By looking at this I could try and come up with multiple ideas around one theme and pick only the best one.
Here are some images to so off some of the bunny's deaths.

The second book I am looking at is called 'Simon's Cat Beyond the Fence'. This book is based of the web series Simon's Cat. The story is about a cat being a cat but done in a cartoony and comical fashion, for example when interacting with other animals it the cat acts like a person with them and vice-versa. With objects the cat acts like a cat. I thought by looking at this book I will find other ways for my character to interact with the objects in the house I also like how the single images are pretty powerful and gives you an idea of how the story goes.
Here are some images from the book to give you an impression on Simon's cat.

That is all for now, by looking at these two book I hope I will get some good ideas for my animation please leave some feedback. Also please leave any suggestions on other shows or books with small comical segments I could look at for inspiration for my animation thank you.

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