Friday, 7 October 2011

Self Initiated Project part 2: Idea Development

Yesterday I had a meeting with Alan about my project and I shown him some thumbnails sketches of my character acting out the game genres with the objects in the house. He gave me some advice on how to improve some of my thumbnails ideas. For the fighting game genre skit he liked the idea of my character fighting a broom, but he told me it would be better if he was fighting a mop because the brush end of the mop looks like hair and I agree it does, so I will change the broom to a mop.
Alan also gave me some more helpful advice on working with the RPG genre, he told me that I could make a joke about the dice rolling bit in board games RPGs. That the character could be walking in a dark room holding a torch and the number of steps he takes depends on the roll of the dice. I played around with that concept and I came up with a few ideas. The first idea is with the character rolling the dice for his movement but it ends with him losing the dice so he is stuck, the next idea is with him following the directions of a map, but the map was too complicated to follow so he throws it away and gives up. The last idea I thought up is when we see the character's movement from a birds eye view which I think has a bit more of a dungeon like feel.
Alan advise me to take a look at Charlie Brook's Gamewipe, where Mr Brook talks about games, their culture and scandals around them. I watched the documentary and I notice that with each segment there is a man acting out the game genre in a white room and the way the man acts out the genres is done in a budget style but you still get the idea what he is acting out.
I am still thinking on what my character will look like, although I feel he should look like a regular generic person.
Here are the thumbnails for my animation, they are numbered to help me to tell them apart.

That is all I have done so far still thinking up ideas for my animation I think I got a few strong ones. I will also start making my character as well, please leave feedback thank you.

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