Friday, 28 October 2011

Self Initiated Project part 6: Pre-Production Deverlopment Stage 01

Thought out the week I was developing my character's appearance when he is acting out the game genres while also working on the storyboards for my animation.
The first storyboard I was working on was for the beat them up/fighting genre animation. I began by refining a previous idea were my character is going one on one with a mop I thought he could start by jumping around defensively, then when he uppercuts the mop he does a victory cheer. The rest of the images where just some other ways for my character to fight the mop. The second idea has my character grabbing the mop and smacks it hard on the floor, but it ends with the broken part of the mop flying straight to my character's face.
The third idea has my character executing a jumping kick towards the mop, but my character ended up jumping too high that he bounced off the wall and landed painfully on the sofa.

I also created some sketches of my character as a karate fighter. Out off all of them I chose the garbage one because it looks more like a karate gi.

Next I was working on the adventure costume, at first I was going to give him a towl cape with a torch lamp and a remote control sword. However I then thought of making a knight costume out of cardboard boxes because I felt I could do more things things with that idea.
I also worked on the different types of helmets he could wear in his knight costume and his soldier costume as well. For the soldier I'm just going to give my character a colander helmet and a mop gun because I think those two features will be enough to show he is a gunner.

The rest of the images are different storyboards for my character as a cardboard knight the first one has him fighting a table with his sword but ends up breaking the sword. The second idea he was rolling the dice to make his movements until he reaches a mirror and start posing but he then felt he looked stupid. The final idea has him looking inside the sofa like it was a treasure chest and finds a tv remote control and starts watching the television.

I even created two animatics to show Alan
The first animatic shows of the three main ideas for my animation, but the last two needs more work.

The second animatic shows of three different ideas for the adventure story line. However I choes the first one because I really like it

I had a meeting with Alan with these ideas and he likes them but wanted me to work on the adventure idea a bit more maybe work on how my character realise on the dice for his decisions from movement to watching the television. Maybe pull of a sword in the stone spoof with him having his sword stuck in the table or have my character dressed up as a wizard and start casting spells on the television but ends up failing.
Other than that he seemed please with the work I have shown him and now he want's me to clean up my character and pick out some colours for him, as well to create a modelling map for him.
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