Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Self Initiated Project Brainstorming part 3

On Tuesday I had a meeting with Phil about ideas I had for my self initiated project. He told me that all the ideas still feel too big for my 15 week project. However I did mentioned an idea where I have one character doing many small skits which revolves around him interacting with one object but the outcomes are always ends badly for him. The animation is meant to resembling Bill Plympton animations 25 Ways to Quit Smoking and How to Kiss as well as Adny Riley The Book of Bunny Suicides. In that the main concept with all of my ideas is that the show begins with the main character/test subject interacting with an object without problems, until something goes wrong, ending in a comical fashion for the test subject.

This image shows off the idea development process for my next project, as well a list of shows and comics that could inspire my animation. I was also developing the type of person the test subject is, which is he is a very clumsy person who gets hurt at the end of each skit, think Disney Goofy. I also wrote a summery of the three ideas that I was working on, which are shown in the next three images.

The first idea is about the subject iterating with video game genres. For instance with fighting game genres, we see the test subject playing a fighting game but he then gets punch in the face by the television. I actually had a word with Alan about this idea and he told me it would be better if he was alone in his house with a lot of house hold objects and re-enacts all the game genres I have list with the objects, like a prop based comedy sketch. For example for platformers he moves across the selves with his fingures (or have the character very small for this skit) while avoiding obstacles to reach the finish line, but ends up failing. For the fighting genre he treats one of his objects, maybe a broom or table, as his opponent by fails at defeating it.
Alan told me to also look at a Steve Martin film called 'The Lonely Guy' for the concept of a lonely person. This concept does seem to have some promise for my animation but I am worried that this would be too big to handle, although I could find a way in working with this idea much easier.

The next story idea open with each segment with the test subject playing with a toy, like a paddle ball, but only ends up getting injured in the end. The idea is to show that even the friendliness looking toy can be very dangerous if used poorly.

The final idea focuses on the test subject interacting with words beginning with the letters of the alphabet. However the outcomes may very. For example if one of the words was a C he would use a cactus to scratch his back, but if the word was Ball which begins with a b, he then gets hit by a ball. I also had a word with Alan with this idea as well and he said that I could update the alphabet by using more recent objects or be political with it. If I was going for this idea, I think I would go for the updated alphabet story with no attachment to political things because I am not that interested to politics.

That is all the ideas I have thought up please leave some feedback to let me know what you think about them and which one I should focus more on.

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