Saturday, 22 October 2011

Self Initiated Project part 5: Influence Maps part 2

On Friday I had a meeting with Alan about my designs for my character he responded that he looked too generic and I need to give off some more hints that he is a gamer. We then looked at some images of game nerds and the type of clothes that they wear. He also mentioned I should look for some home made costumes. I thought I could look at some badly done ones because my character will wear a costume that look rubbish but relevant to the genre he is acting in.
I also took pictures of myself(with help) dressing up for the genres that my character will wear. I purposely dressed up like that so I can transfer that style to my character's design. I thought when I start making him in Maya I will create the main body then add in the extra features like a towel gi with a belt head band, a towel cape with a remote control dagger/sword and a lamp torch, and a broom gun and a pot helmet.



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