Monday, 12 September 2011

Ideas for next Project

First I got some bad news, I was not able to finish my Albert animation but I will do it when I have more time on my hands, sorry to anyone who was looking forward to it.

However I have came up with some ideas for my future projects.
the first one is a zombie story, it is set in home department store where a clerk is left alone to defend himself from a zombie. This story is meant to have an isolation theme but carry a bit of black comedy in it, having the store clerk setting up weird traps which ends in funny results. I have some ideas for the ending of this story. The first idea was that it was all a prank by a friend and the store clerk kills him by accident, the second idea was that it turns out to be an old man asking him the price for a power tool and the last idea is that the store clerk finally defeated the zombie but then ends up surrounded by many more zombies.

The second idea I came up with was about a thief breaking into a museum or a jewellers to steal a diamond but has trouble stealing it, by avoiding the cameras, lasers and security guards. It ends with him taking the jewel while the security guard arrived too late to stop him, however it turns out that the diamond was a fake and the security guard had on him the rest of the time. Again this meant to have a cool yet comedic feel to it with the thief executing the robbery in cool fashion while ending the story in a comedic way.

The third idea was meant to be done in a interview style with objects talking about a breaking in their house and tried their best describing a man who came in their house late at night leaving mysterious packages under a tree?

The next two ideas are my own adaptations of children stories the, first idea was a
billy goat gruff adaptation however the narratives for it are different.
The first idea was to have the three billy goats facing one troll in a wrestling ring.
The second (and my favourite idea) is to do my own idea of how the story of the three billy goat gruffs was done. Following it's style with the troll letting the goats pass so he can eat their eldest brother but when he finally came the eldest was very tiny. Much to the trolls displeasure however the eldest billy goat was surprisingly strong and defeated the troll.

The next idea is a Jack in a beanstalk adaptation but treating the event like it is on the news treat Jack as one of those celebrities who pulls of weird stunts, example would be David Blane in a glass box.

The final two ideas was to make a transcription animation based on music. The first idea was to make a bunch of mashmallows sing Through the Fire and Flames by the rock band Dragonforce. There are two versions to this song the 7 minute long one and the 5 minute short one so out of the two I would pick the short one.

This animation mainly focusing on really detailed lip animation, the marshmallows as the singers for their bounciness which is great for head banging, it is also meant to be a parody on the group but only out of fun.

The second idea was is an animated short based on the Ya Burnt by Starship Amazing . They are a group who I believe makes music that sound 8 bit and this one particular music Ya Burnt feels like a child dreaming about being in the world of games. I imagine it to have a puppet theatre style to it, and it begins with the main character sleeping and we enter his dream. Where inside he does a lot of things like platforming, puzzle solving, flying, fighting, racing, until finally he faces the final boss and save the princess only to wake up disappointed that it was all a dream.

However I am having second thoughts with these two ideas because I need to ask permission to use their songs but the artists might be too busy to reply so I might leave these out.
Leave some feedback one these ideas if they are good or not, I will try to come up with some new ideas.

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