Saturday, 24 September 2011

Self Initiated Project Brainstorming part 2

Some more of me brainstorming ideas.

The first image show some ideas that revolves around living trees. I thought what would it be like if trees can talk, my first idea was to have a tree telling a dog off for trying to pee on it or something bad will happen to it. However the dog still pee on it and in retaliation the tree kicked the dog very hard while saying '' I told you not to do it.'' The story ends with the tree threatening a Lumber Jack next.
The next idea was to have a tree tell it's life story from being a sprout to a tree before before it was chopped down and became a stump. The story ends with the stump telling the audience not to worry because when he is removed there will be a new tree taking it's place and hopes it does not go through the same thing as the stump. the last idea that involved a tree character was to have a child lost in the woods and was terrified. Suddenly a scary tree came to life which scared the child, he then ran away. However the tree was actually trying to help the child to find his way out and looked in confusion. The tree then shrugged it of and went back to it's neutral position.

The next image shows off two ideas for my story. The first was to have a person who was very bored and he did everything to entertain himself but no luck. He then decided to go for a drive. During his drive he sped up faster and faster until he hit something and launched out of his window. The story ends with him looking at the camera saying '' and you know what...I'm still bored.'' This idea was meant to have a bit of a dark humour that through out the short he tried to find things that will entertain him, until he finally found something that would kill his boredness but it didn't, instead it killed/injured him leaving the main character still unsatisfied.
The final idea was actually a remake of a very old story I thought up which is about a Jack in a box, but instead of a glove it was a small wizard toy.
It begins the same way, with the wizard toy waking up from his crate and ventured the room he was in. Suddenly he found a box and investigated it, the wizard then found a handle and turned it. When the handle finished turning, Jack came out and scared the wizard toy. Out of anger the wizard toy cast a spell but that only made Jack more scary. Again the wizard cast a spell but that only made it worst, the wizard toy kept repeating it until there was only a box with a handle. The handle then started turning making the wizard toy panic in fear, the wizard toy then hide somewhere hoping to be safe. When the handle finished turning nothing happened, the wizard toy took notice and came closer to the box. closer and closer until the wizard toy was too close to the box. Suddenly the box opened and a monstrous Jack popped out and scared the wizard toy straight back to it's crate.
I did thought of an alternative that when the wizard toy was first scared by Jack, he hid in his crate, when he looked out of the crate he saw Jack laughing at him which made the wizard toy mad. Jack went back in his own box still laughing, the wizard toy went back in his crate think on how to punish Jack. He then saw some duck tape which gave him an idea. Next scene we then see the wizard toy turning the handle again, but when the handle stop moving Jack can't come out. The wizard toy duck taped Jack's box lid tight and the wizard happily went back in the crate and called it a day.
I actually liked the alternative ending better because it feels more realistic then having a toy with magic powers.
Let me know what you think by leaving me some feedback please thank you

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