Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ideas for the Next Project 2

During the week I have came up with some ideas for my project.
The first idea is about a cartoon character and an anime character having an argument to see who is better. This idea came me because I feel like there is a conflict between these two forms of animation. One is more realist than the other or more fun and enjoyable. I also had another idea where instead of arguing who is better they explain their differences like majority of cartoons have talking animals while majority of anime are set in school. The only draw back to this idea is that a huge amount of research on both mediums is needed and that might take too long.

My next idea is set in a library, it begins with a Liberian looking for a book in the back of the library storage room for a customer, while doing his search the library suddenly became a fantasy world which then turn into a fantasy quest. Problem with this idea is that there might be too much things to make. Although I could go around it by making the librarian character the only cartoon character while the creatures and everyone else could resemble wooden puppets. The story could end with the librarian getting the wrong book and has to go back in.

That is all the ideas I have so far please let me know what you think of them

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  1. Shahbir, come on, mister! You HAVE to be more realistic. There is no way that either Alan or myself would greenlight a multi-character 'fantasy epic' at this stage for you. You have to look objectively and honestly at your experiences on the course so far. You need to identify a project that plays firmly to your strengths, and a very ambitious animated short is just not viable right now. I'd suggest that, in terms of ambition, 'Albert' - one character, stylised environment, good story - is the sort of project you should be looking to develop. One character in a minimal environment - in which the animation and performance and story is the star. Think small, Shahbir. Think small and perfectly formed (and finished by the deadline!). Think again!