Saturday, 27 March 2010

Unit 5 animation: Jack in a box idea, P.S For Phil

My next idea that I thought was really good was that my glove was a magic glove and it got scared by a Jack in a box, in response to it's fright the glove zaps the Jack in a box to make it disappear, but in stead it back fired and the jack in a box got more scary.

In the first image I was just brain storming, to see how will my idea play out. At first I thought I could use a real magician's glove with magic powers and it got scared by a Jack in a box. Then I thought why not make the glove an accessory to a children magic kit. And the glove was exploring it's surroundings. Until it saw the Jack in a box thinking it was a music box. And so when the glove was turning the handle the jack pops out and scares the glove.

I also wrote down the three acts of my idea and did some sketches of how the objects would look like in my story. I also did a transformation for my jack in a box from a cute clown to a frightening clown.

Act 1: Starts with my Glove peeking out of it's box to look at it's surroundings. It then saw a box with interesting patterns. The glove crawl out of it's box to investigate the the other box.
Act 2: While the glove was examining the new box the glove saw a handle. The glove flick the handle and some music came out of the box, the glove flick the handle again and more music came out, the glove was happy. So then the glove started turning the handle, when the music was about to finish a clown popped out of the box. The glove got scared, out of anger the glove zapped the clown and made it disappear. Just when everything looks okay the handle from the box started turning, The glove knew what was gonna happen next so it tried to stop the handle from moving but failed. The music was about to finish so the glove decided to hide somewhere. When the music stopped nothing happened. So the glove cautiously investigated the box again. It was checking if the box was broken.
Act 3: The glove sighed in relief that nothing happened. Suddenly a monstrous clown popped out of the box. The glove screamed out of fear and ran to it's own box to hide. The glove peeked out from inside it's box and saw that the jack in the box is closed up. The then nervously went back inside scared to death.

In my storyboard I did some changes to the original idea. Instead of the glove keep zapping the jack in the box, making it more scary each time, the glove will zap it once. And the just when everything looks alright A monstrous Clown popped out of the box and scares the glove. This idea had more of a horror theme to it. The storyboard wasn't finished but I had a some what idea for my story. I shown this idea to Meg also but she said the I put in too much things in my story, saying the having my glove casting magic was a bit too much. And I think she was right it was a bit too much so Maybe I could change a bit of this concept like having the jack in the box act like a bully to the glove.

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  1. Hey Shahbs,

    Listen carefully - the idea of the glove being scared of its own shadow is perfect - it's simple - but very technically challenging in terms of drawing - which is why you need to commit to it right away; in terms of staging, your thumbnail drawings demonstrate how appealing a minimal approach is - with the glove's shadow resembling a great big spider and scaring it. In terms of your 'three act structure' don't tie yourself in knots about it - give me a beginning, a middle and an end. It's not that your other ideas aren't without interest, it's just that this brief is all about keeping it simple and making your object perform through effective drawing and staging. Get stuck in.