Monday, 8 August 2011

Maya Tutorial: Cartoon Character

On the final Maya tutorial I carried on finishing my cartoon character. Funny thing I thought I have finished most of this character but in fact I forgot to add an eye control and adding blend shapes So I began making them which wasn't too hard because I have already did them on a different character. I also added a throat to him and some teeth and a tongue to give him a bit of life, as well a face camera which is used to help animate the character's face close up and in more detail. I even created a turnaround for him to show off my character around all sides from a solid mesh to a wire frame model.

And that is all of them. I am really glad I finally finished all of my tutorials, I will try to get them done as fast as possible for next year.
So during the summer holiday I am going to try and finish making my Albert animation as well start on my 8000 word essay, I am aiming to do 4000 on in holiday and 4000 when I get back wish me luck :)

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