Saturday, 12 February 2011

Transcription part 7: Final Character Design and Storyboard

For that past few days I was working on finalising my Character (who is named Albert for now) and making his facial expressions which I felt would represent him well. Also I have made a pose to describe his drunken personality, for the future I will make more poses and a silhouette.

Next I was making the story for my music video, it was very challenging because I had to listen to the music I have chosen repeatedly and visualise how I see my animation. I didn't mind the re-listening part but actually visualising my animation was the hard part. I have also had a meeting with Phil about this to help improve my idea, he suggested that I look at some rubber hose animation and look at Dumbo's Pink Elephant scene since during our meeting I mentioned to Phil that I felt my animation has a dream sequence.

I then began making my storyboard which was very long to make but worth it. After reviewing it I realise some of the scenes need improving, mostly the part where the drunk meets himself. I decided to have the fake drunk upside down so I could make a funny scene with the real drunk.

Thats what I have done this week, soon I will make the animatic and hope the music and the storyboard will match well togather.

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