Thursday, 17 February 2011

Transcription part 9: Albert's Trip animatic edit 2 and what I did this week.

On Monday I had a meeting with Phil and I shown him my animatic.
He told me he liked it but at the beginning I should of introduce the pub my drunk left and do a zoom in on Albert's reaction when he was being tossed by the street lamps.
I then went back and redrew some of the storyboards which I think suits my animatic.

Also when Phil saw the figure in my storyboard he told me that I should merge him with my final character to make a completely new finished character, because he has the soft bouncy appearance that is suited for my animation.
The final out come looks great he has a happy expression that I wanted but also looks sloppy.
I have also made some poses to help bring my character to life.

Transcription Storyboard: Albert's Trip Edit

Thats it for now, please leave feedback :)

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  1. Hey Shahbir - yes, I like the changes - really liked the lamp intercuts - and I think now you should power into your character design chores. Remember what I said - you want to keep some of the charm of your animatic character in the mix - I like his 'bean-bag' qualities very much. I think you're onto a real winner, here, Shahbs - and I absolutely want you to do whatever it takes to make this happen - and get it over the finish line - and get it perfect! It's time to bring Albert to life - don't waste a single minute! :D