Sunday, 6 February 2011

Transcription part 6: Way Home (2008)

Since my animation is more or lest a journey story where my drunk is making his way home
I thought I could see some animations on how they fill in their stories which involve traveling. I got the idea of how my animation begins and how it ends but I need to know how to fill in the middle.
I have found an animation with a good opening and a shocking ending and little things that happened in the middle. The name of the animation is called 'Way Home'
and it is about a dung beetle traveling home to feed his family.
A simple plot with some moving moments especially the main plot where he needs to get home. While watching this animation I notice that the music used really help set the mood of the dung beetle's journey, so I need to use the full extent of my music as well as make my the animation matches with it to help make my animation fun.
Here's the animation about the dung beetle, and if anyone knows any journey stories or any stories that have good story telling please tell me so I can take a look.

Way Home

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